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10 kinds of massage – what do they do?

Need a treat? Or to something that hurts and does good? Maybe you find exactly what you need, among the types of massage IFORM has tested.

The healing power of the massage


The muscles make up approx. 40 per cent. of body weight. When the muscles work, they release waste materials in the form of lactic acid, carbon dioxide and urea. These wastes are naturally diverted from the muscles of the bloodstream and lymphatic system. But if too much waste accumulates, which, for example, if we sit for hours and hours in front of the computer or train a little too hard, then the muscle becomes tired, stiff and sore. Massage loosens and softens the muscle, helping to remove the accumulated waste.

The waste products:

A reputable English doctor compared massage over 100 years ago to a sewer system: A good sewer system keeps your house clean and hygienic and manages the waste. A good massage does the same to your body. Keeps it healthy and clean and manages the waste. Massage improves blood circulation, which transports nutrients and oxygen to the body’s cells. At the same time, waste with the blood is carried away from the cells. Massage also boosts the lymphatic system, which plays a vital role in the body’s cleansing of waste.


Massage improves blood circulation and thus also the blood supply to the skin cells. This means, among other things, that the nutrition for the skin cells is improved. And therefore massage also has a good effect on the skin – it makes the skin look healthier and fresher, the skin gets more color and glow, and in fact it also becomes smoother in the long term.

Nervous system disorders:

Massage also has a positive effect on the body’s nervous system. This is why massage works soothing, relaxing and stimulating.

Massage is not recommended

If you have high fever

Directly on the rash, acne or inflamed swelling

On new scar tissue, fresh wounds, varicose veins

If you are into psychiatric treatment

Remember to drink a glass of water before and after treatment. Pay attention to your breathing as you massage so that you breathe slowly and deeply.

Find a good masseur

The range of therapists is huge and if you do not know anyone, it can be totally unavoidable to choose.

Here are a few tips:

Ask friends, acquaintances, colleagues. Or ask your doctor, physiotherapist or trainer if they can recommend you a good masseur.

You can also search the web, but remember that you have to search specifically for the type of massage you might want, not just massage: it is too wide and there are sexual offers in between. Search for one of the massage forms you’ve read about here. Or for example on Northern Lights massage, connective tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, rolfing, the rose method, physiourgical massage, acupressure, underwater massage or just muscle massage.

Once you have found a therapist, it is a good idea to call them (you must also have booked time). Massage is an intimate affair and it can get a little personal as well. Therefore, it may be nice to hear his or her voice and get an idea of ​​whether your chemistry fits together.

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